Wedding Entertainment

Hire wedding entertainment from Ding's Entertainment LtdYour wedding day is one of the most precious days of your life, and understandably, you want it to be a perfect day for everyone. So why leave your wedding entertainment to chance?

The reception will be the longest part of your day, so it’s important to keep your guests entertained so they can enjoy the day as much as you. With our inventiveness and expertise, we can help you make the day fun and memorable, without breaking your budget.

Wedding Music
Wedding entertainment simply wouldn’t be complete without music. Whether you’re looking for a professional DJ to play your favourite songs all night, a party band to get your guests on the dancefloor you hired from us, or a barn dance band that’ll have everyone do-si-doing, we’ve got the artists to suit your needs and budget.

We can also supply live music for you to walk down the aisle to, serenade the congregation while photos are being taken or accompany a Champagne reception after the ceremony. Our harpists, string quartets and jazz bands are all incredibly talented musicians with a flair for accompanying a wedding with beautiful, softly played music.

Indoor Wedding Entertainment
There’s often a lull once you get to your venue and people tend to start clock watching, waiting for the next piece of entertainment to start. This is the perfect time to introduce a close up magician to wander around your guests and amaze them with sleight of hand magic. Or how about a celebrity look alike to turn your guests’ heads and spark a lively “do they know them?” debate?

The start of the reception can be quite boring for children, especially if the weather’s bad or if there aren’t grounds for the kids to run around in. This is when a children’s entertainer is worth their weight in gold! With the kids entertained, your guests will be much more likely to visit the mobile casino tables or simply enjoy a quiet drink and chat in peace.

If you want your guests to have a laugh, how about hiring a photo booth with a box of costume accessories? Great entertainment for all ages on the day, but also fantastic photos for you to keep after your wedding. You’ll notice that as the night progresses, the funnier the photos become!

Outdoor Wedding Entertainment
Spring and summer weddings give your congregation a chance to mingle outside, so why not consider some outdoor entertainment? Giant games are always popular with adults and children, and can be used indoors if the weather turns. Fairground games set in classic stalls are also great for weddings, but if you want to keep the children entertained, you can’t beat a bouncy castle.

Wedding Buffet Accompaniments
Most people have got a sweet tooth, so it’s not surprising people often crave something sweet after the wedding buffet, even if they have only eaten a three course meal a couple of hours before! Our chocolate fountain offers the perfect sweet option and is always a crowd pleaser!

If you’d like us to help you plan your wedding entertainment, please call or email the office. Let us know you plans for your big day and we’ll happily talk you through the many entertainment options we can offer.