Ice Sculptures

Order an ice sculpture from Ding's Entertainment LtdCreate a wow factor at your event with a stunning ice sculpture!

Dramatic and beautiful, no focal point is ever as classy or impressive as an ice sculpture. And because they’re bespoke, you won’t ever have to compromise on the design of your piece, making it truly special for your event.

Ice sculptures come in many different shapes and sizes so they’re ideal for corporate entertainment, product launches, PR stunts and marketing campaigns. Whether you choose a carving of your logo, a brand message, a replica of one of your products, or even showcase a product within an ice cube, they make an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Because they’re highly personalised, ice sculptures are also a popular choice for weddings and birthday parties. A carving of the happy couple, a replica of a special photo or a sculpture that matches your theme can have a massive impact on your guests. But if you’re looking for maximum impact, go big with an entire ice bar!

If any ice bar seems a bit too much for your event but you like the idea of something fun, what about a drinks luge? A drinks luge is an ice sculpture with a channel running through it that your pour drink through for the ultimate chilled thirst-quencher. Perfect with an ice shot glass, drinks luges are always a party favourite.

If you’d like to arrange for an ice sculpture at your event, simply contact the office and let us know what type of sculpture you’d like. Please also have a look through our site for any bands, singers, comedians or entertainers who might complement your event. We look forward to hearing from you.