Close Up Magicians

Hire a close up magician from Ding's Entertainment LtdHave you ever wondered how magicians know which card you’re going to pick, or how they can turn a  Â£10 note into a  Â£20? We’re not going to give the game away, but we do have some incredibly gifted close up magicians on our books who will keep you guessing!

Two talented magicians we often use are sleight of hand specialist, Jimmy Carlo Â and magician, comedian and theatrical pick pocketer,
Tim Shoesmith, whose cabaret has audiences laughing and amazed in equal measures.

Jimmy Carlo Tim Shoesmith

A close up magician is an ideal addition to a wedding, corporate, commercial and private event, as their unique style of entertainment keeps guests amused during any lulls in your event. To enquire about or book a close up magician, simply give us a call or email the office. Go on, amaze your guests!