Elton John by Bobby PaulElton John by Bobby Paul

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About Elton John by Bobby Paul
………..Bobby Paul has been performing his Elton John tribute for the past 12 years, working throughout the UK, Europe and many countries Worldwide. The show boasts live vocals plus live piano and Â pays tribute to Sir Elton’s outstanding song writing and his performing talent over the last
three decades, Â Bobby captures the look and the voice of Â Elton, it is uncanny how realistic this Â tribute is to one the worlds greatest talents. Bobby has arranged and produced the show so as to cleverly take you through Sir Elton’s early career and on to the present day.The show is performed self contained and includes no less than 28 of Sir Elton’s greatest hits, enhanced by costume changes, creating a truly entertaining and unforgettable evening.


“We could not believe it! During the walk about he was mobbed! The crowd at the show thought it was Elton.” – Sandy Martin, BBC Wiltshire sound


Ding Says
“Ten out of ten for pure entertainment.”