Hire a caricaturist from Ding's Entertainment LtdAre you looking for a mix and mingle artiste with a difference?

A caricaturist will make a great addition to any event, especially if your guests aren’t easily offended! They work the room, mingling with one or two groups at a time, quickly sketching your guests much to the amusement of everyone crowding around.

Although often seen sitting at an easel on piers and town centres, you can hire a caricaturist for any type of event, such as a corporate black tie dinner, fetes, fairs and festivals, as well as private celebrations, like a wedding or birthday party.

An ideal event to hire a caricaturists for is one where your guests will be left to entertain themselves. They’ll not only be a huge hit on the day, but the caricatures your guests receive will act as memorable souvenirs of the event.

If you’d like to hire a caricaturist for your event, just call or email the office and we’ll be happy to help. Caricaturists are just one type of speciality act we can book on your behalf, so please take a look around the website and let us know if we can help with any other artistes when you get in touch.