Comedy Bands

Hire comedy bands from Ding's Entertainment LtdAre you looking for a band with a difference? Our comedy bands will have you laughing and dancing all night long!

Comedy bands offer a fantastic way of entertaining your guests with both comedy and music. Not only will the sketches, stand up and adlibbing keep you laughing, but the musical parodies they perform will amaze and amuse you in equal measures!

Two of our most popular comedy bands are Professionals and Triple Cream. Professionals combine songs and costumes from the 60s to the present day with sketches and audience participation, while Triple Cream mix stand up with musical parodies. Find out more about both bands, simply click on their names below.

Professionals Triple Cream

To enquire about booking one of our comedy bands, please contact the office via phone or email. We’ll be able to talk you through the best band for your event and provide you with quotes you can take away and consider.