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About Rhapsody
Rhapsody was formed out of a passion for music and all things Queen. Something the real Queen fans would respect and enjoy.


“Rhapsody were fantastic. Really nice guys. Came set up early waited around till evening and worked the crowd up brilliantly and although they are more used to performing in front of a large audience,I think they put in the same effort for our small crowd in the back garden. I can’t big them up enough we all thought they were great. Everyone enjoyed them and most importantly the birthday girl had an amazing time. She said it was like being at the real thing, she loved it. I recommend them to everyone.
Thank you soo much.
Tracey.” – Tracey


Ding Says
“Rhapsody is an excellent tribute band that has gained national acclaim as one of the forefront leaders as a tribute to the legendary Freddie Mercury and Queen. Their performance is electric, high energy and captures both the early and late years of Queen. A brilliant show!”