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About Joss & Gary
From their teenage days they were playing in semi-pro and pro bands as well as soloing in folk and blues clubs. They first worked together in the mid seventies when Joss needed a guitarist for his MOR function band, having just completed a successful summer season. They decided to augment the full band gigs by filling in available dates as a trio and built a reputation as good time rockers playing R&B standards with Hendrix and Clapton favourites.Over the intervening years both have played in many outfits as well as supporting other artistes and appearing solo at gigs in pubs and clubs. They are now content to work together as a duo, and have hit upon a successful formula that combines Cockney sing-along with R&B, Sixties and MOR material. The background to the London songs is that both have family connections with London and Cockney music. Gary’s family played Music Hall in the early 20th century and he inherited his family collection of sheet music. So they did a little research and ended up combining well known London chorus songs with material from those latter day Cockney lads, Chas and Dave.Joss and Gary enjoy getting their audiences to participate by singing along and generally getting into the party mood. When the party warms up, their many years of experience enable them to respond with their wide ranging repertoire of songs from the 60’s onwards.

The two musicians who have played and sung together in a variety of bands over the past 25 years team up to bring you some good time music.

Whether you want to sing-a-long, dance or just listen, Joss and Gary are able to make any event swing with your favourite tunes and good humour. Joss and Gary both sing and play guitar, and also integrate additional backing to give the duo a big sound.

They have a wide repertoire of good time music and standards plus the ability to vary music sets according to the mood and the audience.

Mixing Cockney Sing-a-Long with standards from all generations up to today with a good dose of 60’s.


“Absolutely brilliant, so much fun, our members cant wait until next years show!” – Clifford Oxendale Social Club


Ding Says
“A very fun and entertaining act who incorporate cockney theme songs, singalongs and humour. An absolute must for any venue holding a cockney theme night.”